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Just curious how everyone is finding their slideshows.

From newspaper shooters in particular, are you being assigned through the picture/newsdesk and being told 'I want a slideshow from this!'? Or is it more of a case of turning up to an event/photocall/story etc and realising 'I could make a slideshow from this'.

Also, if assigned, how much time are you given to produce the necessary audio and photos (including edit time)?

I look forward to your relpies, many thanks.



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One hundred and fifteen views and no replies...:/ If it helps this is the way it works at my UK newspaper company. As one of two photographers (at two newspapers within the group) who are producing slideshows, struggling against a raft of typical weekly assignments everyday (Sitbonzo, you know how it is!! :->) we have pretty much been left alone to find and produce slideshows as and when we can fit them into our schedule, which, to be honest, hasn't been as often as I personally would like.

Having said that, there hasn't been a great deal of pressure from the newsdesk/management/reporters etc to surge forward into the wild world of multimedia (there is plenty of talk about 'convergence' (I dislike the word, myself) within the group, there hasn't been a great deal of action. So it is left up to us, although well recieved by management, there's still no real pressure....

Are your reporters/editors suggesting subjects/stories for slideshows, have they become part of your 'normal' work? Are your reporters showing any interest in multimedia?

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Re: Finding your shows..?

I'll jump in the water here.

I started working full time in August after freelance for a decade. But my "job" is to produce photos for a bi-weekly insert (Your Hometown tab) that's very "feature-oriented" and includes provided photos & briefs from communities. It's zoned and there are 6 areas of which I cover 2 full time, so that's 4 issues/week for cover and "faces" pages (inside spread of "smiling" community photos).
I also had a photo/video studio previous to full-time, as well as volunteering on occasion for the local cable access station. Hubby has been on staff as a photojournalist for over 15 years and has done pro video as well as ALL the jobs volunteering for the access station during that whole time - excellent videographer w/ lots of tech knowledge from school of hard knocks.

I found a little thing called swf 'n slide and did a slideshow with that. Then we found soundslides. He and I started pushing it at the paper for online, and a copy was purchased for all the photogs on staff (12). They have a few edirols downtown. They have daily assignments downtown.
I work from my kitchen table and basically find 99% of my own stuff (shooting the occasional fire & crash as well if it's close to me).

The audio slideshows I've done have been on my own, and not usually needed for daily refer to website, so I've taken a few days to work them in. Hometown is printed every Thursday & Saturday. Deadlines are the previous Friday. Also since I dont work downtown, have been using my own gear for audio (ipods).

There's a gal downtown that has daily assignments, and really digs soundslides. She just did one on a quinceanera but didnt record ambient audio for it, so it's soundless.

The husband is producing about 3 minutes videos for the website on a regular basis. Some of his stuff is assigned, some of the events that I think are cool I pass along.... A few others do an occasional video as well. Advertising has figured out a way to put ads on video, but we cant get them to do it for soundslides - yet. Glenn's been on his own as a "department" til recently - a gal has been hired to take over admin to free him up for shooting & training.

Here's hoping we can get the ad dept on board w/ ways to create flash ads that play b4 the slideshows. Tech training and flash training are basically nil.

Photo galleries get "clicks" which is all-important. Soundslides images dont have the numbers power. So the editors arent pushing it. But the best online folks like the user experience, as do Glenn and me. The multimedia page was just redone, and the audio slideshows dont get very high billing. Probably because of the click thing, and there's only a few of them being done.
http://news.enquirer.com/apps/pbcs.dll/ … multimedia

speaking of work, I have to go shoot people. I'll ck back later.

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Re: Finding your shows..?

ps, my editors are not suggesting soundslides, but one does on rare occasion suggest things that would be good video for Glenn to do when I do photos - the tag team works well together!

If he's doing video, (sorry Joe), there's no reason for me to do soundslides.

If he cant tag along, then depending on the event, I'll grab audio. Like the recent Native American gathering. still have to edit the audio from this past Saturday.


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really sorry not to have replied to you. Just plain did'nt see it.

What you said is exactly how it is at my place. Although, when I tell them how many page impressions our site, external from the papers site,  gets (over 20k visits so far this month) I think now they are taking a bit more notice. ;-)

Personally, I am really happy that the blunts and bosses let us just get on with it. This basically means we can make shows as we see fit and when we have time to do it.
So, as chief I can try to arrange the diary to give the photog the time they need.

My editor is a very busy man and gives praise but, yeah, of course it would be nice to get a bit more of a pat on the back but, hey, as photographers, we know we are gods already !!  ;-))


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If you could FIND ours on the site....
The memorial day parade was linked well for a day or so, therefore got 1200 hits in a sea of over a million... it's just plain hard to find them on the site with so much stuff and not enough links to them - I think mostly because they arent generating much in the way of "clicks" OR ad income.

If we could address either/both, life would be much better I think. They do put links in great spots for the latest videos - but they have ads in front of them. I keep trying to tell them (aparently not the right "them" that they can do the exact same thing w/ soundslides swfs.... play first then...

I have been asked to do a demo for a "house" ad, if only I can carve time out of my overly busy days to do so. As in a promo for our Hometown section, or something of the sort.

Wish me luck!


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I have seriously thought about buying regular ad space in our paper to have a ' VISIT OUR SOUNDSLIDES AT' sort of thing as the subs/content editors are not doing it on a regular basis.

I did however manage to get a pretty hefty banner put on the front of the web page.

It can feel a like we are making a good effort to make interesting things that our readers would be interested in and that is good for the paper but not getting the publicity needed to really get them noticed.

Getting a ' see a multimedia presentation @' under a story is unusuall too.


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Thanks for posting, this is exactly the sort of information I wanted. Around my way, the 'video' word has been mentioned, which I'm quite happy to undertake (with or without training) though I do get the feeling that often times, editors/management see 'video' as the absolute pinnacle of online journalism and what we should be aiming for. Given that I am a still photographer, with a keen interest in the future of online media, I am surprised (slightly) by the fairly slow uptake by management to push for more web based media, whether it is photographs, audio or video.

Malinda, you raised an interesting point regarding the 'clicks' for photo galleries versus a one click slideshow. I'm sure Mindy McAdams had a post on her blog recently regarding changing attitudes towards 'clicks' and the amount of time actually spent on news websites (can't seem to find it now though).

Thanks for your input, much appreciated. I may have more to add after a bit of a think...;)



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Re: Finding your shows..?

I made a presentation to a senior editors conference recently and was told that clicks are not viewed as important any more. Unique visitors and time spent are the new targets.

There was mention by one of my reporters that there may be some way of getting demographics. They'll love that!


We have a video camera sitting in the safe but when we did a try out it took SO SO long to edit. I also strongly believe that get photographers to do what they do best..  take pics. derr.

We are, with soundslides, producing a premium multimedia product whilst not taking too ( well, sometimes) much time off the diary.

God forbid they will start doing a Newsquest and get the reporters to shoot video as what I have seen so far is DIRE.

I like this quote I saw somewhere.

Leave TV for TV


Re: Finding your shows..?

My twice-a-week community newspaper doesn't even allow photos on its website, much less multimedia. This is more of a corporate policy than something we have control over locally. Soooo, I've gone out on my own and started learning how to produce audio-driven slide shows. I found someone to provide server space so I can link audio and video files from a free blog site (michalinhillsboro.blogspot.com), since I don't know the first thing about websites.

What I've discovered is that I can produce a slide show and offer it to someone who DOES have a website. My first slide show production covered a local sidewalk chalk art festival. The art gallery that sponsors the chalkfest has leaped at the opportunity to post the video file of my slide show on their website.

Now I'm looking for more symbiotic relationships with other non-profit websites in our area. The idea being, when my newspaper (or corporate office) is finally ready to develop our website, I'll not only be ready, I'll have a multimedia portfolio scattered around in cyberspace.

Yes, this is something I have to do on my own time, but what I am finding is that in many ways, multimedia production is far more interesting work than what I'm paid to do.

Michal Thompson
Hillsboro, Oregon