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I have a Shure SM-48 that is great for interviews and when I need to get an interview in a noisy situation. The problem is that it is NOT very good for gathering ambient sound unless it is on top of the source. I also have been trying out a Sony ECM-CS10 clip-on mic at times that is decent for ambient, but a bit too sensitive for voice. It picks up any little sense of a breath. I'm using an Edirol R-09 recorder in WAV format.

Does anyone have some good suggestions for mic options? Be it a shotgun or a different omni, I don't care, just don't want to have to crank the levels and get a bunch of noise anymore when gathering ambient sound in say a locker room or other places. Thanks


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We LOVE our Audio Technica AT-897 short shotgun mic. It works beautifully - its pretty much all we use.

Here is an example.http://alanhawes.com/pages/multimedia/battle/index.html
The guy talking about his ancestors was sitting on his horse outside when I interviewed him from about 8 feet away. Sounds like it was in the studio.

Here is another one. http://newsfiles.charleston.net/dragway1/index.html



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I was a huge fan of the Audio Technica AT-835b ... but I have to agree with Alan on the AT-897.

It's the best short shotgun mic out there for the money.



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With the Audio Technica AT-835b and shotgun mics in general, what is your recommendation for eliminating handling noise? I assume that windscreens eliminate some of the 'pop', but my one and only experience using a shotgun mic was really not usable due to obscene handling noise that apparently I neglected to notice when monitoring the recording. Thanks for the help.



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On my AT835b, I used a foam bicycle handle actually  ... it fit very snug and eliminated most handling noise.


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Thanks for the tips guys.

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Another Audio Technica mic that is worth checking out is the AT804. Brian Storm mentioned it in one of his audio tutorials. I really like it there is an example from a very noisy interview at http://www.martinshakeshaft.com/wp-cont … index.html

From the AT web site:
The AT804 is deal for interviews, sportscasting and for use as the “mono�  mic in conjunction with a stereo microphone. Its omnidirectional polar pattern provides natural reproduction of surrounding ambience. The mic’s rugged housing with hardened-steel grille stands up to field use; its internal shock mounting minimizes handling and cable noise.




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Preventing shock noise can be done a lot of ways.

The professional approach is a "Suspension Shock Mount"

You can see an example here:

http://www.rodemic.com/?pagename=Produc … roduct=SM4

You can attach a small tripod or mic stand for desk use, a handgrip for interviews or a pole for extra reach.


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any ideas on a MUCH lower budget mic.  Im running an ipod with Micromemo (£20/$40)
http://www.xtrememac.com/audio/earphone … romemo.php

really good but i guess with a better mic I will improve the performance. I am thinking of the whole gamut of assignments from footie and rugger through Tea dances, schools stuff and maybee throw in the odd church etc.

Local news, don't you just love it! :-))


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I use a Sony ECM-MS907 with a Sony Minidisc MZ-R700 and I am very pleased with it. Good sound, wide (120 degrees) and narrow (90 degrees) settings on the mic. Even when recording sounds far away the mic picks it up really well.


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That Sony looks like good value. thanks.


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Hi there,

Just got my Edirol R-09 HR and am looking for an external mic as well.  Wondering if there are any new suggestions.



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Hi lane.

What's your budget?  Also, what type of audio would you generally be recording?

Personally I like the AT897 shotgun mic for news gathering. That Sony that mildata mentioned above would be a good option if you're looking for affordable stereo recording.



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Hi Joe,

My budget is low, but at the same time, I don't want to buy a piece of crap that will give me bad results and will want to replace.

I would be using the microphone for interviews, gathering ambient sound, etc. for use in my soundslides projects.


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just ordered the Sony ECM-MS907. I'll let you all know how I like it. Thanks!


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Cool, I think you'll like that one ... and with all mics, the closer the mic is to the sound, the richer the audio.


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This is an oldie thread but a goodie. Since I posted (12/2006) about the sony ecm mic I have also bought and used extensivley a RODE NTG-2 shotgun mic.

The sony mic is good but can be difficult outside, suffering from wind noise. I am always forgetting to switch it off and find flat batts. Inside and close up, the mic performs well.
We did have to get 2 repaired after faults with the wire / connections. It can be tricky to hold.

The Rode mic is really very good. I don't have much experience of other brands but this serves me well for general journalisim, features and sport. It can suffer from wind noise on a windy sidelines at rugby even with the dead cat but its not too bad. Can be used close up to somebody or at a push, some distance away.
I can mount it on my video camera via the hot shoe so you guys with DSLR can use it to. A XLR conection means I can connect via XLR or 3.5mm MiniJack. Battery life is good. The dead cat fur can turn up in the top of your frame so watch out for that.

I went through many different options in my learning curve and used mics from Maplin / Radio Shack, all of those cheap mics are long gone in the bin.

If you are on a tight budget I recomend going for a mini disk from ebay and a sony ECM mic.

My 'goto' mic  is the Rode. I have no hesitation in recomending it, Teamed up with my Edirol R-09 gives me pretty good results. It is alot of cash but compared to your glass, its small beer.
(Tokina or Nikon / Canon 2.8's?)

I'm sure that a 'proper' radio reporter would say my audio sucks but for a newspaper snapper I think its ok.


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any suggestions for a reasonably priced but good quality and sound lavalier mic?


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I was really lucky and was given a

http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/4 … alier.html

it is very nice. I used it recently for the 'the Passion' video on my site