Topic: Inter Milan interested in introducing Gunuzhayi

Half the season in Serie a, inter stepped up looking for the right player in the transfer market. Roberto Mancini after taking office, each line needs to have a certain degree of introduction of the team, to reinforce the squad.

In the attack on inter eyeing Manchester United youngster gunuzhayi. Belgium FIFA 15 Coins young's agent says Manchester United can loan + the buyout clause, which also makes gunuzhayi Mancini's top target. Alessio Cerci, Salah and Ezequiel Lavezzi of course is also of concern before inter's goal, but few deals were not very easy for Inter Milan. According to the Daily Star newspaper reported that former Manchester United boss David Moyes also intends to bring gunuzhayi to the Royal Society. Moyes and gunuzhayi have a good relationship, this could give inter the introduction Belgium people make a lot of trouble.

In midfield are two new names, starting with Manchester City midfielder Milner. His contract is about to expire, was in talks with Manchester City at present, intends to entice him to join inter. But England said in an interview: "the renewal is in progress, and I hope that everything can be done as soon as possible. I just want to do whatever I can to help Buy FIFA 15 Coins Manchester City, because we have a lot of games to play. "The player himself does not tend to join Inter Milan introduced his unlikely. Another candidate is the main Malaga midfielder Ignacio-Camacho. 2007-08, Camacho is younger than 18 years representing Atletico Madrid finished La Liga debut, and in La Liga goal of the season. Later, he joined Malaga, and play in the Champions League quarterfinals. Camacho is the Spain youth team fixture at all levels, has won U17 and U21 champions Ou Qing, a month ago, capped by Vicente del Bosque debut. Naples this summer has to bring Camacho, Spain teenager became inter's goal. But whether to introduce him, needed Inter Milan's financial situation may be.

Defense is the most important target after nastasic because Mancini requirements cover one centre-half during the winter months. If successful nastasic joined Inter Milan will also take into account another old Semih Cheap FIFA 15 Coins Mancini-Kaya, or River Plate Defender Baranta. In addition, Inter Milan also plan for the future, their concern was born at the end of 1996, just turned 18 years old, Chile gifted centre-back in Vegas. As far as Inter Milan's visit, the player has a lot of potential. Inter Milan have made a 2.5 million euro bid, hoping to bring in Vegas.http://www.fifa15buy.com