Topic: Soundslides and Sharepoint

Stop me if you've heard this one; "Yeah, here at the university, it's SharePoint or nothing for posting to our internal websites...and, no, we don't know how to post your little multimedia thingys..."

New town, new digs, new university, and no one in tech support seems to be able to assist.

At UNC Wilmington, I had access to my web server - simply pop the exported "Publish to Web" folder onto the server, link to the index.html inside the folder and, b.i.n.g.o., up popped the Soundslides shows.

Nay, nay! Say the folks here! As a meager photographer, I'm not allowed to access the server. And if you can't make SharePoint post your little folder, then you won't be viewing your multimedia thingys.

So, anyone out there with SharePoint experience? There's a fellow photog is dire need!

Jamie Moncrief