Topic: How to deliver Soundslides Project ?

Have I got this right? The only way to deliver a soundslides project to another (company, person, organisation)
so that they can upload it to their web site and then be viewable on apple devices is by using the online video converter and making a Quicktime movie?

Or are there other options ?



Re: How to deliver Soundslides Project ?

That was initially the case, but we added an Apple mobile-compatible shell in February 2011. The most recent versions of Soundslides and Soundslides Plus include an optional shell called "iOS_html5." This displays the normal Flash-based player on computers and devices that have Flash installed, and an HTML 5-based player on those that do not (such as the iPad and iPhone). The HTML 5 player is not as sophisticated because HTML 5 does not have the same capabilities as Flash, but we have included as many features as the technology will allow. Here are the download links for the update if you do not already have it:

Soundslides Plus:
Mac OS X:
http://store.soundslides.com/apps/downl … usWindows/

Mac OS X:

Once you have installed the update, you can open your project, click the "TEMPLATE" tab, then the "SHELL" tab, and select "iOS_html5." Then save and export your project and upload it to your web server as you normally would.