Topic: Error message ID provided invalid

Can anyone tell me what the error  message "ID provided invalid" means when trying to load a quicktime mov provided by the Soundslides Lab ?

I sent the Quicktime to someone to upload to their web site but they cant do it although the movie plays ok on their computer when they try to upload it they have a  problem

Quote :

"There is an issue with Quick Time – it keeps sticking when you play it and I think can’t grasp whether it is video or photograph"

Can anyone help me resolve this issue or suggest a work around ?



Re: Error message ID provided invalid

I'm sorry for the issue. Unfortunately that isn't an error message we're familiar with. There should not normally be a problem playing one of our MP4 files in Quicktime, Windows Media Player, or VLC. I was not able to find a slide show in our video converter with your email address, but if you want to send us an email at support@soundslides.com, we can try to help.