Topic: Slideshow distorts Wordpress page


When I enter the generated code from the application and paste into the HTML section of wordpress the slideshow code somehow distorts the borders.

You can see an example here http://tinyurl.com/c7q4h2p , and what the borders should look like here http://tinyurl.com/brjm8rb.

Thanks for any suggestions!


Re: Slideshow distorts Wordpress page


Sorry to hear you're having some issues with the display of your Soundslides project.

I reviewed the links you provided and it seems that the CSS styling applied to images on other posts throughout your blog, force the width of the content container to the appropriate size in order to see the borders. I think this may be an issue with the content area not having a default width styled to display the borders by default. In other words, I think there needs to be some additional CSS added to your website to handle the default width of the content area in order to see the borders.

As a disclaimer, we are not Wordpress CSS experts but I did want to try and give you some ideas that you could focus on with your web developer. The Soundslides HTML can only control the sizing of the Soundslides elements and container.

I was able to manually adjust the CSS, through google chrome (locally), to get the borders to display by setting the paragraph tag width, that surrounds the Soundslides object tag, to <p width="942">.

Hope this points you in the right direction.



Re: Slideshow distorts Wordpress page

Thanks Justin.

Follow up for ProPhoto users who encounter this - you don't have to adjust your code, just make the slide show big enough so that it restores the borders/ margins.