Topic: Lost

I use dreamweaver in and not very well  the slideshows work fine on the computer as I insert via SWF but no go on a ipad ...........I have the latest soundslides plus and use the iso shell


Re: Lost

The SWF is the Flash player, and so will not work with an iPad. To embed an iPad-compatible slide show, you must use the "iOS_html5" shell and follow these steps:

1. Upload the "publish_to_web" folder generated when you click "EXPORT" in Soundslides to a web server.
2. Add "?embedcode" to the end of the slide show's complete URL to access the built-in embedding code generator.
3. When the built-in embedding code generator appears, copy the embedding code.
4. In Dreamweaver's design mode, click the "Code" button and paste in the embedding code you copied from Soundslides.