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Topic: Embedded Slideshows with iPad and iPhone

Having trouble skipping slides on an iPad and iPhone on audio slideshows I've embedded to my page once they are playing. Also no way for people browsing on those devices to skip around like they could on a computer.

Is there any plan to update the compatibility so that the user interface is fully functional for viewers on these devices?


Re: Embedded Slideshows with iPad and iPhone

There are still some things that are possible in Flash that are not yet possible in HTML 5. As HTML 5 develops, we will continue to add functionality to our HTML 5 player to bring its functionality as close as possible to our Flash player. If you are using Soundslides or Soundslides Plus 1.9.4, you may want to upgrade to version 1.9.5, which includes an improved HTML 5 player. Here are the 1.9.5 download links:

Soundslides Plus:
Mac OS X:
http://store.soundslides.com/apps/downl … usWindows/

Mac OS X: