Topic: In the white city


In the White City, a feverish atmosphere reigns with blow car horns, motorcycles backfiring noises and trampling people in sidewalks, the pressing step, the closed face, the insistent glance.

A gull in the sky, beggar kids, pickpockets on the lookout for a sitting duck, a cart drawn by mules, trafic jams: walking in the White City, is like exploring a book on psychology and sociology.

Passions and routine, daily life and vocation, anxieties and beliefs, hopes and tragedies here in the White City, each one have an extraordinary story to tell. Their history. Their feelings.
Unlike the tourist clichés and negative representations, this web documentary invites you to (re) discover these men and women who represent the face of Casablanca.

This face, which is exciting and troubling to me, who was born and who live in White City.


Re: In the white city

This is beautiful work and it helps me to reconsider the methods I have been using. Yours are slow with little movement and this is really quite engaging. It is also valuable journalism.
I think you could be a bit more careful with the audio, if you could get your subjects to wear a clip mike or interview them in a quieter space then overlay the ambient sound on a separate track.
But this feels like a small quibble before such good work.
I am making slideshows in Ireland and I have a background in radio - less so in television. I am still experimenting and developing my skills. See work of the quality of yours is very helpful.