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The problem. Am getting black borders on some photos at left and right, at left only, at top only and also at top and bottom. Seems to do with photo size. Am not a photographer but audio producer so I accept the photos I get from many sources. Is there any rule of thumb about importing photos, some wide, some tall so that they appear the same size in Soundslides and without black borders? Thanks. JR


Re: black borders

In order to avoid black borders, you will need to use the same height and width for all images, and set the height and width in the player  to these same dimensions. Here is information on setting the player height and width:

http://support.soundslides.com/index.ph … &id=34

If you are seeing black borders on one side of the image and not the other, the problem may just be the zoom setting in your web browser. The zoom function is problematic with the Adobe Flash plug-in, so you'll need to pull down the "View" menu in your browser to "Zoom," then "Reset" or "100%" to make sure you are viewing the page at standard size. The slide show should then appear as intended. The zoom function is specific to a particular page, which is why you might see this issue online and not on your hard drive, for instance. It is specific to your computer and does not affect the way your viewers see the slide show.



Re: black borders