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Topic: Idiot alert!

Hi, just some background. i know basically nothing except how to edit the mypaper shell to contain my logo like this

http://www.paulwhiteweddings.com/WHATLE … TOGRAPHER/

Now I'd like to have the same logo on an html5 slideshow shell but have no idea if this is possible and how difficult it is to do. Any help would be gretly appreciated.

One step further, in an ideal world I'd like to be able to add FB/twitter buttons to the page for each slideshow, but fear it might be asking too much of my addled mind.


Re: Idiot alert!


We don't support customized HTML5 slideshow players at this time. That being said, someone familiar with CSS and web development should be able to override some of the styles to add your logo as needed.

I would also recommend talking with a web developer who can help add the FB/twitter buttons as well.

Sorry we can't be of more assistance on this. We will consider putting together customization instructions in the future.

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