Topic: No skip in the corners of the images?

I have created a slideshow with Soundslides and embedded them via
the embedding tool from your website (embed flash code).
Everything works fine but there is a problem that if I click on
the upper left corners of the images there is no skip to the next images.
I have to click in the middle of each image to skip forward.

Compare here:

I want that I can click ANYWHERE in the image to skip.

Please help me. Thank you.

best regards from Germany


Re: No skip in the corners of the images?

Hi Martin.

That's not normal. The problem is caused by the DIV which contains your upper right menu.  It's set as an "overlay" on a layer above the SWF file.

What embed code are you using?  You might be able to change the "wmode" setting in the embed code so that the DIV doesn't affect the SWF.