Topic: Fullscreen: Unable to see previous photo


I'm experiencing an issue with Soundslides in fullscreen mode in non-audio slideshows (haven't tried with audio slideshows). When entering fullscreen mode and clicking the arrow to see the previous photo, the slideshow freezes in the current photo being displayed. If I exit fullscreen, the issue keeps happening.

However, the weird thing is: if I switch to another tab in my browser and return to the slideshow tab after a while (say 15 seconds), the problem will no longer occur and I can switch photos normally.

Tested in Google Chrome/Safari (OS-X Snow Leopard).

Please let me know if you'd like additional info.

Thanks! smile


Re: Fullscreen: Unable to see previous photo

The issue you are seeing is caused by a delay in loading images. When you switch between normal and full-screen mode, the player initially loads the images going forward, since this is the direction most people view the slide show in. Depending on the number and size of images, there may be a delay before you can view the slide show backward.



Re: Fullscreen: Unable to see previous photo

That makes sense, thanks!