Topic: embedding not working....sometimes it does.

i'm trying to embed a slideshow (html 5) to my blog and all i get is a black screen:


the original link of exported files sits here and works only on the following: FireFox (sometimes), iPhone, haven't tried iPad yet.


neither link works on safari, or IE (according to my client).  it's been hit or miss all morning. sometimes it works on safari.

when I'm in the SS program and run a test, it produces nothing.

Any idea ?


Re: embedding not working....sometimes it does.

here's the embed code:

<iframe src="http://jwphotography.ca/weddings/elna_dave/_files/iframe.html?noscale=800x581" width="800" height="581" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>


Re: embedding not working....sometimes it does.

Hi jw.

Is the issue still appearing? We've tested those links on our machines here and they are loading.  The only issue we're seeing (as of late Christmas night and early today) is a rather slow web connection from your server.

If the problem persists, we'll need to get a copy of the "elna_dave" folder via FTP.  If you email into support@soundslides.com, we'll reply with our private FTP login information.