Topic: Trying to embed the slideshow

Okay...a little frustrated here.

This is the link to the url to my slides show: http://www.timwglass.com/ss_glass

the actual flash object is at http://www.timwglass.com/ss_glass/soundslider.swf

I have used the embed utility available here:http://tools.soundslides.com/embed/  ...
...but it tells me there's no slideshow at the url.  I've tried /ss_glass, /ss_glass/, /ss_glass/soundslider.swf, and a host of other references.  No matter what I do, it tells me there's no slideshow where I know there IS a slideshow.

I'd like to embed the damned thing to my wordpress blog or even in one of my webpages.

Can anyone offer help?



Re: Trying to embed the slideshow

Hi Tim.

It looks like your domain registrar is doing a "frame wrap" on the timwglass.com domain name.  I have no idea why they're doing that, it's pretty unusual.

The result is that your slide show isn't *really* at that domain.

It's here:

I used that URL in the embed tool and it worked.

Here's the direct link to your code.

Let me know if that works on your end.



Re: Trying to embed the slideshow

Thanks so much, Joe.