Topic: Programs for opening and playing Soundslides show?

Hi. I just made a high-school reunion soundslides and sent it across the Atlantic, via email and FastSend, to the organizers of this summer's event. They cannot open it. They have tried various Microsoft programes, but no luck.

How can they open and play the show?



Re: Programs for opening and playing Soundslides show?

The slide show will play in any Web browser with the Adobe Flash plug-in. Make sure you have sent the entire "publish_to_web" folder exported by Soundslides, then instruct the person on the other end to open the "index.html" file inside with a Web browser.

If you created a ZIP file of the "publish_to_web" folder, make sure the recipient decompresses the folder before playing the slide show. Windows and Mac OS X do not allow files to play from inside ZIP archives for security reasons.

Here is some additional information on exporting a slide show:

http://support.soundslides.com/index.ph … amp;id=146