Topic: Change size of control buttons on iPad shell?


Have been having great fun doing my first serious work with Soundslides and delighted that embedding the code in WordPress happily detects platform and works a treat on the iPad.

However the control buttons on the iPad are a bit big in relation to the size of the Soundslides presentation - mainly because it is in a blog post with a sidebar so there is not a huge amount of space.

You can see what I mean here (if you look at it on an iPad of course): http://baynesmedia.com/2011/07/photogra … photofilm/

Is there any documentation / proven method for reducing the size of the control buttons or even better changing the styles beneath the presentation or is this just not a good idea?

Many thanks



Re: Change size of control buttons on iPad shell?

Hi Mark.

Sorry I missed your posting ... not sure how that happened.  There's no current method for changing the size, however you can change the design if you're up for editing the PNG file.  There's a file named "buttons.png" in the _files directory.  That is the reference file that renders all the buttons.

In the future however, the buttons are definitely going to get smaller and more in line with the regular .  Originally Apple issued guidelines that recommended large buttons, but even the Apple sites have ignored that advice now.



Re: Change size of control buttons on iPad shell?

Hi Joe!

Thanks very much for that! Had a feeling that might be the case somehow! Will wait for future updates as dont want to break anything smile