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Topic: Questions before buying

Hello, I'm thinking of purchasing but after testing the demo I have a few questions

1. How can I see the waveform for the audio track? It's much harder to get a sense of where your narration for each slide starts and stops with no wave form visible. Right off the bat this would make the software far easier to use. I'd like to do something with 200 slides and without the waveform this would take forever.

2. Is there no way to have distinct audio files for each slide? It's somewhat laborious to have to edit the entire audio file if you ever want to adjust any part of it, and to be obligated to get all of the timing just right in the audio editor. If nothing else just to be able to set split points for the audio in the software and then be able to deal with the audio in segments to tweak timing seems critical. Maybe I'm missing something. Not trying to be snarky but this seems like a big problem in a program that is otherwise pretty brilliant.

3. Is it possible to configure it so that the user clicks next and the next slide starts playing automatically with the sound engaged, plays until the slide is over, and then there is no activity until the user clicks next, and the same thing happens with the next slide? This would seem the most natural way to interact with the slide show, but in all the different settings I tried I could never get it to behave that way. Even when I have auto play checked it sits when I advance each slide, and I then have to click play. It's pretty confusing.

Thanks for any feedback.


Re: Questions before buying

Unfortunately, Soundslides and Soundslides Plus do not edit audio. All of the audio editing has to be done in an audio editor, but in-points can be set for slides, so it's fairly simple to match image transitions to the points you have noted while editing audio. Here is additional information:

http://support.soundslides.com/index.ph … amp;id=142

Soundslides and Soundslides Plus cannot import multiple audio files.


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Re: Questions before buying

Thanks Jonathan, what about being able to see the waveform?  This would make it so much easier and faster to use. You would immediately know exactly where the pauses in your narrative are. I tried a project with 50 slides and gave up. Everything else in the program is fantastic.

Also, being able to scrub the audio by dragging the bar, and being able to start/stop playback with the space bar.

Any thoughts on my #3 above? Can I configure it to behave that way?


Re: Questions before buying

Unfortunately there is no way to see the waveform directly in Soundslides. You would need to find your points in your audio editor. We can certainly consider all of these features for future releases.