Topic: Problem with the Explorer

Hi, I have a problem with soundslides inserted into the structure of my site.
The problem is only with the use of explorer.
The image, the soundslider.swf and the xml file is not in the root but in another directory.
In the root there is the html file
I have cange the path...<embed src="Home/soundslider.swf?size=2&format=xml".....
and this is ok with Chrome and Firefox but no in Explorer.
I think Explorer does not support the path src.

PS: Sorry for my English!


Re: Problem with the Explorer

Hi Fausto.

You have to change the path in TWO places.  In "object" and in "embed".  It appears you have only changed the "embed". 

Object tag is used by Internet Explorer. Embed tag is used by other browsers.

If that does not fix the problem, please post the link to your web site and I will correct it.