Topic: EXPIRED: Soundslides 1.3b201 (PC beta release)

This is the first public beta of Soundslides for the Windows platform.

This particular release does not work on Windows 2000 systems.

Download the installer here:

Open issues:
* Application needs standard maximize and minimize features
* Uninstaller doesn’t fully delete itself or shortcuts until the next time you login.
* Installer needs to allow user to modify install location

Things that don’t work:
* Project Menu item inactive
* Application does not work with Windows 2000 systems

Things I’m looking out for:
* Script running slowly error (if you see this, quit the app and let me know what step you were performing … thx)

Please send feedback to soundslides@soundslides.com

Thanks to all of you who encouraged me to develop a PC version.




Re: EXPIRED: Soundslides 1.3b201 (PC beta release)

Thanks for all the feedback so far.

I'm going through it now and following up on every email.

Keep it coming ...



Re: EXPIRED: Soundslides 1.3b201 (PC beta release)

I have a report of a memory issue that seems to slow the application while importing large JPGs.  In some cases the app slows to a stop.

I know exactly where the problem is in the code, and I'll have a new beta out by Monday (Jul 10).

In the meantime, the short-term workaround is to size your images down to 1000 px on the longest dimensions before importing into Soundslides.  JPGs must be non-progressive before import.



Re: EXPIRED: Soundslides 1.3b201 (PC beta release)

I've completely rewritten the image import code, which was the cause of the most serious issues with the 201 beta.

Download the installer/updater here:

See the additional release notes in the 211 thread.