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I am trying to make a slideshow player (using the Soundslides component 871) that can check for a variable telling it which language to display the captions in then display that caption in the text box.

I've modified the XML file to have the following for each caption.

      <caption>Street cars started to appear in Beijing by the 1930s, but bicycles were and still are one of the key modes of transportation in the city.</caption>

<caption> is the original from the Soundslides output.
<capCN> is the additional variable that I added with the same parent variable of <slide>.

Ideally I would write an if...then statement for the following:
_root.langMark = 0; (meaning we are in English)
_root.langMark = 1; (meaning we are in Chinese)

Right now I have:

caption_txt.text = image.caption;

And "caption" is a defined variable but changing caption to "capCN" doesn't work.


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Of course here the Chinese characters turn into a bunch of ?????? but I will embed that font in the slideshow so that isn't the problem.


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I replied to your email, but in an effort to assist anyone else that might have this same situation, I'm also replying here.

The caption variables in the component are read-only, so you unfortunately can't explicitly insert new captions in the manner that you need.

However, you might want to try swapping out the XML file based on language.  You can control which project that is loaded, so you could make two XML files (one for each language) rather than trying to include both languages in the same XML file.  Then you could use ActionScript to determine the language and load the appropriate slide show.

If you're using the component (named as "soundslides"), you could do something like this:

if ( System.capabilities.language == "zh" ){
    soundslides.project = "project_cn";
    soundslides.project = "project_en";

Here's the docs on System.capabilities.language:
http://www.adobe.com/support/flash/acti … ry710.html

If you're loading the SWF into another SWF file, you could even pass the XML name to the SWF via the query as well like this: 




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Has there been any update to this?

Our situation is that we create identical slideshows in English and French, and we use the iOS fallback shell.

Since our site is a CMS, I use the iframe embed method to place slideshows on a page.

I could not see a way to pass a language variable, or a path to a separate control file via the iframe embed code, so I create a duplicate version of the iframe.html file, and called it iframefr.html

Then I edited the file to add ?pathToControlFile=soundslide_fr.xml after the only reference in the code to soundslider.swf

Then I created a french version of the xml file called soundslide_fr.xml and uploaded it to the web server directory.

This works great for flash enabled browsers, displaying the french subtitles as expected - but it doesn't work for iOS devices. When they fail-over to the html5 version, the english captions appear instead.

Is there a solution for this?


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No solution right off-hand. I'll take a look and see if I can add pathToControlFile for the javascript version as well.

If you don't mind, can you post (or email support@soundslides.com) the link to one of your examples. I'd like to see your page so I can make sure the workaround will work in your situation.