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recently I found out, that Google's image search displays pictures from my SS-shows.
Can I prevent google in some way from reading out the pictures from the export-to-web-folders?
I'll appreciate your help a lot!



Re: Block Google Image Search

Hi Sulph.

You can exclude any directory from a search engine by using a "robots.txt" file.

Create a text file named "robots.txt" and place in at the root of your web server.  So if your web site is "http://example.com", the file would be viewable at "http://example.com/robots.txt".

Search engines checks for that file before indexing your web site.

In the robots.txt file, you'll need to add the path to your image folders (which could be named "custom", "fullscreen", "600_450", or "400_300" depending on which size option you used in Soundslides.

For example, assume that I have slide shows located at "http://example.com/slideshow1/" and "http://example.com/slideshow2/" and that the "custom" folder is somehow showing up in Google.  To stop that, I would add those folders to my robots.txt file like this ...

User-agent: *
Disallow: /slideshow1/custom/
Disallow: /slideshow2/custom/

A word of warning ... you should be careful with the robots.txt file. Only include the paths that should be excluded.  If you were to put "Disallow: /" in the robots file, then Google would remove your entire site from their index.  That would be very bad as no one would be able to find you via Google.

If you'd like me to check your robots.txt file, just post the link to the file and I'll give it a look over.



Re: Block Google Image Search

Hi Joe,
thanks a lot for your help!
I'll do it as recently as possible and then send you an e-mail with the link.


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Re: Block Google Image Search

robots.txt is great, but while Google's bots respect it, not every bot does it. I supose a .htaccess file could be to block the images folder from direct access.