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The staples for audio editing among Soundslides users seem to be Audacity and GarageBand (Mac only).

I recently saw some promising reviews for two new programs:
Hindenburg (free for 'basic', $66 for 'journalist' version); and
REAPER (free trial; $60 non-commercial; $225 commercial use license).

Anybody tried these, or have experience they'd like to share?

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Re: New audio editing programs

I downloaded 'Hindenburg.'  It's nice.  But I already have Adobe and Mac programs for audio editing.  Frankly, I don't use them.

I'm just cutting tracks and news stories. 

Think about it.  What do you need?  You need the ability to change the 'sound' through 'Effects' like Bass. You need the ability to cut out unwanted parts of track or trim it or insert 'Silence', and you need to be able to export it as a WAV or MP3 file.

Audacity does that.  Very simply.

There are advantages, I'm sure with Hindenburg and all the rest.  But if I don't need that, why bother?  I've had Apple's advance audio editing program that ships with Final Cut Pro on my computer (forever) and I don't think I've done anything but open it to look.

All of this assumes you're using something competent to record.  Like the Sony PCM-D50 or an Olympus LS-10/11.  Once you've got it at 48/16 and it's clean, it's just a matter of trimming.

For those who want to add layers and layers of NATSOT and music, well, maybe the other programs have something to offer.  I won't disagree.


Re: New audio editing programs

I've used Audacity for years and Gearscout is right - it does all the basics at a price that can't be beat.

Having said that, when I got Final Cut I began using it to edit my audio projects (as well as video of course)

For me, the biggest drawback to Audacity is that it is a destructive editor. Trim a clip and it's gone (yes, you can undo, but that's not the same).  Reaper and Hindenburg, which I've barely looked at, both offer non-destructive editing - I'd try them out just for that.

For simple projects you don't need all the bells and whistles of Pro Tools or Soundtrack Pro or whatever - but having the freedom to change your mind easily has become the deal breaker for me and the way I work (full of indecision)

If you've got Final Cut, it's a fine basic audio editor without touching Soundtrack. If not, I'd definitely test out Reaper or Hindenberg over Audacity.

Audacity is great. But personally, I wouldn't go back to it for daily editing.

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Re: New audio editing programs

I was just reading about Traverso Daw and thought it would worth to mention it here: non-destructive editing; (virtually, by their words) unlimited tracks; etc. and for free.

Seems interesting. I didn't tried it yet though.



Re: New audio editing programs

Thanks for mentioning Traverso. Seems like a good one. I'll try to give it a spin in the next few weeks.


Re: New audio editing programs

I returned to this forum and find myself agreeing more with Will -- Hindenburg is doing almost all of my audio editing now.

I think it's a great program for soundslides -- since there's a free version and a free trial of the Journalist, definitely worth a spin here.


Re: New audio editing programs

I agree, Hindenburg Journalist is a GREAT editing program, specifically designed for the audio reporter. 
I thought hard about spending the $65 but after using Audacity for years, the interface and ease of use of Hindenburg just made all the difference in the world to me.

I suggest folks try the free version before you plop down the cash for the full version with all the extras.    http://nsaka.com/products/hindenburg-journalist

For me, it makes creating a SoundSlides project quicker, easier and much more fun now as everything is graphical, no drop down lists, etc..

Just my 2 cents.


Re: New audio editing programs

Unfortunately, Nsaka is no longer offering the free version of Hindenburg!!