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It seems to me that soundslides strips the color profiles from my photo's. And I find this quit annoying since I have a wide gammut screen. So all my sRGB images for web purpose are way to saturated on my screen.

If the slideshow doesn't tell firefox witch profile to use when displaying the photo's, the screen displays the photo's in it's own profile. Old screens see little to no difference, because old screens can only display sRGB. My screen is wide gammut, so when there is no profile in the slideshow, the slideshow is displayed in the profile of my screen, making all the colors oversaturated.

I would love soundslides to make color aware slideshows, because more and more people will be useing wide gammut screens, so more and more of my clients will think that my images are oversaturated...

Ore is the color awareness allready in there and am i missing on something?


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sorry, should have posted it in the general topic.

I saw there that you made a shell for the ipad to make the slideshow play in html5. Could this be a solution to make the slideshow color aware? Since you don't use flash than...?


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Hi DriesRenglé,

The original SWF did some profiling for sRGB and GenericRGB, but the latest versions of the Flash Player use a different system, so some of the effect is lost on some monitors. 

There's a new (unfinished) version of the Flash-based Soundslides player, and I recall that I did some of the new profiling work on it before I got sidetracked on all the iPad/HTML5/Javascript stuff.

Can you post a link to the slide show you're testing with?  I'll try to use that as my test case next week.

As for using the HTML5 version (which you mentioned in the other thread), you can use that version, but you'll need to add a new audio format for Firefox. Firefox doesn't read MP3s, so you'll need to convert your mp3 into an OGG file.  The OGG file should be named "audio_hi.ogg" and placed in the same folder as the "audio_hi.mp3" after you export.

Safari reads the MP3, so the slide show will work with audio without adding the OGG.

Also, HTML5 just isn't powerful enough in browsers to support image movement.  Movements are unacceptably jerky.  I expect that browsers will improve quickly and I'll add movement to the HTML5 versions.


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Thanks for your really quick reply!
There is not really a testmovie, it happens with every slideshow. I even noticed a clear difference on the testmovie you uploaded in the ipad topic. (I watched the slideshow on my wide gammut monitor and on my normal laptop)

The effect is propabely not really noticable on a normal screen that is not calibrated and only covers the sRGB spectrum, but on a wide gammut displays the difference in saturation is huge. (yes I know the most of my clients propabely do not have wide gammut screens, but I don't like the thought that some people see my imagesin a way they were not ment to be seen...)

I made a screengrab where you can (if everything goes well) see the difference between the two slideshows. The one on the left is in flash where firefox has no clue what the color profile is, the one on the right is in html5. I converted it to sRGB for obvious reasons, so the effect gets kinda lost, but you should see a difference.

http://www.driesrengle.be/photofolio/wi … roblem.jpg

If you guys could fix this issue, that would be extremely cool! I'm really tired of all these oversaturated images. I allready got my firefox so far that every image that has no profile embedded is automaticly considered as an sRGB image. But that doesn't work for flash so it seems...


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any news about this?


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It's a bit on the backburner behind two other projects, but take a look at this on your monitor (preferably with Firefox since it uses color profiling by default).

http://media.soundslides.com/files/2011 … lor_tests/

The top one is the current flash-based player. The middle one is a newer flash-based player with better color support. And the bottom one is javascript/html5, which uses the built-in browser color support.

All images are sRGB.



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Looking great!
Anny idea when It's implemented in soundslides?


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I have 1.9.4 coming out later this week, with the 1.9.5 beta coming out later this month.  I suspect the new flash-based player will be part of 1.9.5 this month.