Topic: Foreclosure crisis: Community resistance in Boston

I'm working on a series of audio slideshows about a community organization in Boston that is helping families work together to stay in their homes after foreclosure. Here is a link to one piece that I recently posted:


I would love to hear any thoughts or feedback.

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A wonderful story. I loved Mr. Cooper's voice - the audio was beautiful.

I just thought it was a little long at points. 

I would have used lower thirds instead of having him introduce himself. And did you consider narration instead of the title slides? They have so much information in them - fast readers will be left twiddling their thumbs, and slow readers will be rushing to absorb them before they go away....another voice would have also provided a nice contrast to his.

And lastly, I think you could have ended it with him saying "I'm not going nowhere". The last 40 seconds of him at the rally was pretty anti-climatic at that point.

I loved some of the visuals - the portraits, the views of his porch, details like his hands. Shortening the audio would also allow you to eliminate some of the visual duplication and just show your best images.

Beautiful piece - the problem with suggestions is they start sounding like I didn't like it smile



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Hi Will,
Thank you so much for your excellent feedback and thoughtful comments! I really appreciate your time in watching and giving such helpful thoughts.

That's an interesting suggestion about narrating the text slides; I had been trying to preserve the idea of this being a non-narrated piece as it's part of a series that is pretty first-person narrative, oral-history oriented. But there is a lot of information there and that's definitely an option to explore.

And thanks for your suggestions on where to cut. The piece does feel like it could be shorter, 3 minutes would be better than 4 for our fleeting attention spans, so I will give that a shot and see what it looks/sounds like.

Again, thanks for the feedback!



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I tried to run the current series on Foreclosure but they have been stalling so I do not yet any feedback

I have feedback on

It is a well paced story capturing the human side of the vendor (ad hoc social worker) which has a nice use of local Maine accents which localizes the story.

Perhaps a bit more street sound, ie. onions frying, crowd noise throughout the piece.

I am wondering on your view on this modality.  I do not see a real uptick on viewership and people are still wanting video or straight audio.  The challenge is marketing this type of multimedia to the public and paying customers.

I did a presentation to Navy Cadets on my local oral history project locally and the lack of listening skills is a real problem

I will be patient and view the Foreclosure pieces and provide critical feedback

Glenn(Oshawa, Ontario Canada)


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Hi Glenn,
Thanks so much for the feedback on the hot dog vendor piece! And I'm sorry to hear the other slideshows were loading slowly -- that sounds like a problem I should look into. Did you have any luck when you tried again? Thanks for the effort, in any case!

I think it's true, the audio slideshow is a tough sell in terms of audience consumption. People like more motion, more action, less attention span. But there are definitely some great examples of folks who are using stills and audio really really well and getting a lot of recognition, so all is not lost.

Are you familiar with the NY Times One in 8 Million series?
http://www.nytimes.com/packages/html/ny … index.html

And another group doing this very well is duck rabbit:

So there we go, inspiration for the masses.

Thanks again,


Re: Foreclosure crisis: Community resistance in Boston

Glenn (and others),
Thanks for the feedback about the slideshows loading a little too slowly. I've adjusted the output sizes and re-uploaded the files to the site, and am hoping they will load a little better. If you have a chance to look at the new version, could you let me know if it's loading better for you? I'd appreciate it greatly. Here's the link:


Thanks so much. Happy media-making.