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After finishing a slideshow with the html5 shell and uploading the publish to web folder in my mobileme account, I tried to get the embed code. However, every time I click on the the following link: http://homepage.mac.com/trevoran/Sites/ … embedcode.

The browser (tried Safari, Chrome, Firefox on Mac) just switched the URL into http://homepage.mac.com/trevoran/Sites/slides/Home. Thus, I can't get the embed code.

What am I doing wrong here?


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Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

Hi Trevor.

The following link worked for me on Safari, Chrome, Firefox on Mac.

http://homepage.mac.com/trevoran/Sites/ … ?embedcode

Are you getting the code now?

Here's the embed code in case there's still an issue.

<iframe src="http://homepage.mac.com/trevoran/Sites/slides/Home/_files/iframe.html" width="480" height="320" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>

To adjust the display size of the embedded slide show, adjust the width and height parameters after copying the text into your document.


EDIT: I just checked your link again. It looks like last "/" was missing before you were adding the ?embedcode.  Your slide show's actual URL ended with "Home/", rather than just "Home"


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1826 wrote:

Hi Joe,
You've done a great job on 1.9.4. Well done.
Can you give me some background on the video output plug-in?
How do I register the video plug-in to get more than 6 images?
Why don't the flash transitions work in video?
[I had a play just using the first 6 images and noticed the transitions were clunky like the html5]
thanks for all your work.


john d.

Hi John.

The plug-in has been replaced by the online converter.  It's free and here are the directions for using it. 

http://support.soundslides.com/index.ph … amp;id=132



Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

Thanks Joe.


Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

Ok. It works now! Yeah, I think it is the "/" that was missing.

Thanks, Joe!


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Is it correct that the html5_compatible shell doesn't support captions previously entered in SS? Or is there are trick to get the captions to show on iphone/ipad as well?


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The html5 shell does support captions previously entered. There's no trick (that I'm aware of).  Here's an example (click the "Captions" button to see the captions).

As long as the slide show has "show captions" enabled, you should be able to see the captions, assuming that they're in the slide show.

If you're not seeing captions, and they are there when you view it in a non-mobile browser, post the URL and I'll figure it out.

You can also e-mail support@soundslides.com if you'd rather not post the URL in the forum.



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Ok, thanks Joe. As long as I know it's supported, I'll double check everything and come back to you. Thanks again for quick response.


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Hello!  I'm having trouble getting the slideshow to show up on my website on the iPhone.  I've updated to the newest version and re-exported with the "html5_compatible" shell.  I don't know what I did wrong.  Please advice!

Here's my website: http://www.yvonne-wong.com/ashbachfamily/slideshow/

Thank you!


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Hi Yvonne.

The slide show itself (and the shell) is correct, but your page is using the old "Flash-only" embed code.  You'll need to use the new iframe-style embed code.  It works on both Flash and on non-Flash browsers like the iPhone's Safari.

You can find it at this link:
http://yvonne-wong.com/ashbachfamily/sl … ?embedcode

Use the code listed at the top there, and just change the width and height values to 750 x 533.

Your new code should look like this when you're done:

<iframe src="http://yvonne-wong.com/ashbachfamily/slideshow/publish_to_web/_files/iframe.html" width="750" height="533" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>

If you'd like me to check it after you've changed it, just post back and I'll take a look.



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Hi Joe,

Thank you so much for the help. I can see it on my iPhone now!

I got a few more questions:

First, the background is now showing up as black when I watch it on my iPhone.  How do I change that to white? 

Second, before the change, the slideshow would automatically start playing as soon as the page start loading.  Now, I have to click on the play button for it to start playing  Is there a way to change it to automatic play like before?  When I go into Soundslides, it shows that the "play automatically" box is still checked, so I'm not sure what happened.

Last, the transistion effect (I'm using fade out/fade in) seems to be off when I watch the slideshow on my iPhone.  Is there a way for that to work on the iPhone too?

As you can tell, I am not super tech savy, hence all the questions.  Thank you again for being so helpful!



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Hello Joe,

I have the same issue as Yvonne, regarding the color. The code works like a charm but on the mobile version it has black backgrounds instead of white- as it appears on desktops/laptops. How can I change that background color or at least make it remain the same (white).

Thanks for all the help!



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Hi Narayan,

The color issue is an oversight on my part. I'll try to get that resolved this week and get you a new file. The original HTML5 version was for iPad/iPhone, and in keeping with the iOS theme I made the background color black.  I'll fix it and follow-up in this thread.



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Thank you Joe, I have the same problem to fix with the black color background, could better white as default.


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Hi Delmi, Narayan:

I'll try to work on this today and Monday. It's not a simple addition, but it shouldn't take more than a couple of days.



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Hi Delmi, Narayan:

Here's the new HTML5 shell with the background color rendered correctly.

http://media.soundslides.com/release/sh … l5_1.3.zip

You'll need to unzip and copy the new "html5_1.3" folder into your application's "shell" folder.  Then open your project in Soundslides or Soundslides Plus, and change the shell to "html5_1.3".

Then hit TEST and check to see if the change was as intended.  Export as normal.

Let me know if you run into any issues.



Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

Thank you Joe, I will install and let u know about.


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Working well, now is perfect, tahnk u Joe

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Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

Is there a way to combine the HTML5-compatible shell with the Undercaptions shell? When someone is not viewing a slideshow in full-screen, I'd like to keep the captions underneath, no matter what system they're on. Thanks!

P.S. RIP mobile flash. :(


Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

Hi kjhkcapn,

Sorry I missed this post last week.  As it turns out there's not HTML5 equivalent of the HTML5 template. The iframe style embed code needed for HTML5 complicates the way captions can be displayed. As of this moment, only the standard caption style is available.