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ryanbrenizer wrote:

That worked for that page, thank you! Is there anything I should do differently so I don't have to manually check XML files in the future?

Hi Ryan.

I've added a bit of code to the 0.3 shell that attempts to auto-correct the XML files when loading. The new code loaded your old XML without an issue, so that should take care of it in the future.  Thanks for posting that problem; it would have been incredibly difficult to fix without having your XML file as an example.

qb84 wrote:

Hi again! I was just wondering if there's a way to call a function when the slideshow ends using the HTML5 code. I checked the jPlayer options and there's a way using onSoundComplete (if I remember well) but I've tried and I can't make it work.

Also, I tried using the javascript path option and it doesn't seem to be working either. That's not a biggie though.

Any help will be great. Thanks so much!

Hi qb,

I'm planning to add a callback for when the audio ends. I might get this week, though it is more likely next week.  As for using the javascript path option, it should work, but you'll need to use a relative path only.  Cross-domain xml doesn't work in javascript.  If you're still seeing issues, post your URL and I'll troubleshoot.



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Hi qb,

I've modified the player so you can add a on_audio_end callback to the js version.  Here's an example to try on your iPad:

You should see an alert when the audio ends.

To implement, you'll see the callback added as part of the player init.

// Flash not available, use JS player                    
var _slideshow1 = SOUNDSLIDES.player ( {
    'container_div': 'object',
    'path': '',
    'width': 800,
    'height': 566,
    'on_audio_end': on_audio_end

You'll also need to add an on_audio_end function somewhere.

And here's the new shell which includes the callback as an option:
http://media.soundslides.com/release/sh … ed.0.4.zip

Let me know how it goes.


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Alright I've gone through all three pages of this thread twice and still can't figure out where I'm going wrong.  I downloaded and installed the shell. I selected the iDetect shell before exporting the SS. I uploaded the the ss to www.mysite.com/images/ss/14a and have verified that all of the files are there.

When I enter the url into the imbed utility I get  Error: No slide show was found at that URL.

This happens for:

http://www.mysite.com/Images/ss/14a/ind … ?embedcode



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Hi EACanha,

Sorry for the confusion.  You don't have to enter the URL in the embed tool.  The embed tool is actually built into the shell.

Load this into the location bar of your browser and hit enter (making sure to change YOURDOMAIN to the name of your actual domain).


That will display the embed code.



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Gee Joe go figure that worked! Thanks!!

Oh and that's pretty slick!

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Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

These special shells are a wonderful thing to please the W3 Consortium and that certain Mr. Jobs. But there is one thing that troubles me quite a bit: with the soundslide loading in the iframe and all that additional Java the transitions are getting rather sluggish (compare this old fashiond embed http://smmp.de/gemeinschaft/leben-im-kl … at-is-ett/ to this iframe http://smmp.de/gemeinschaft/leben-im-kl … stenliebe/ )

I tried to minify the Java but since it is loaded with each individual show this soon becomes a rather heavy load on the page if you are sporting more than one show.

Wouldn't it be a neat idea to have several shows call the java from one central directory?

Also, I can't get the autostart feature working in the iframable shell.


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Hi arbeer.de,

arbeer.de wrote:

Wouldn't it be a neat idea to have several shows call the java from one central directory?

Yes. My plan is to link to Google's public cache - on their global content delivery network (CDN) - for the jQuery and SWFObject files. Most browsers online already have those two items in their cache, so that would cut down on the "lookup".  As for the other 2 js files, I'll probably combine them, and perhaps put them up on a CDN or make it easy for publishers to put that file in one place on their servers. 

Currently the shell puts those js files in *each* show, so you're correct about the cause of the *lag*.

arbeer.de wrote:

Also, I can't get the autostart feature working in the iframable shell.

I'll check that out and get an update posted soon.



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Joe, you are my hero!


Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

Hi Joe,

Thank you for all your hard work in helping us make the transition towards the ipad and iphone platform.  I've been reading the forums and downloaded the updated shell (posted in the forum on December 21, 2010), placed it into my shell folder, and exported my slideshow. But the problem I'm having is that the simple cross-fade transitions aren't there (in either ipad or normal site), it doesn't automatically play, and in this particular case, I have the player hidden. The player is hidden in the normal site, but takes a while to start. And in ipad, you have to click the play button. It works perfectly fine in the default template, but obviously I want it to work in the ipad site too.

Here is the exact page I am referencing:





Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

Hi Navdeep,

Autoplay is not possible on iPads due to limitations imposed by Apple. Apple does not allow audio to auto play in web pages without the iPad user clicking an interface element.

As for the transitions, they are there, but the iPad's browser can't fade 1000 px images consistently.  At it's core, the iPad is a low power computer - especially the first version.

For a comparison of what HTML5 looks like on a real computer, pull this URL open in Safari:
http://www.nsdphotography.com/SOUNDSLID … edding/?js

My suggestion would be to make your slide show slightly smaller for iPad.  It's a compromise between large images and smooth transitions.

Hidden player control option is not implemented in the HTML5 version due to the auto play audio issue mentioned above. Without the controls, the iPad user would not be able to play the audio slide show at all.

Thanks for trying the player.  I hope to have another update for it in the next few days.



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Hi Joe,

I am just catching up to this forum discussion on the Ipad conversion options for Slideshows. 
I downloaded the most recent shell and uploaded it to the shell folder, I also added index.html?embedcode to the end of the URL.  However no embed code page was generated.

Currently my slides do not work on the ipad.

Is it possible to simple give numbered instructions from start to finish on how to do this, and include the most recent version of the "Shell" link.  I have found it difficult to go back in all the dates and see if I am accurately following the information properly.

Thank you


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Hi Mike.

Sorry that this thread has become a bit unwieldy.

The easiest way to get the right shell is to download the 1.9.4 version.  This version has the new shell installed.  I'm referring to the new shell as "HTML5 compatible" because it works on everything from a web browser to iPhone/iPads to Android tablets and phones.

Here are the download links:

Soundslides Plus:

http://store.soundslides.com/apps/downl … usWindows/
Mac OS X:


Here's a step-by-step for using the HTML5 compatible shell:

1. Download and install the 1.9.4 version using the links above.

2. Open your project in Soundslides (or Soundslides Plus)

3. Click the "Template" tab, then click "Shells"

4. Change the shell to "html5_compatible"

5. Test and Export as you normally would.

6. Once your slide show is uploaded to your server, you should be able to view it on your iPad.  If you can't post the URL and I'll take a look.

7. (Optional)  If you want to embed your HTML5 compatible slide show, you enter the URL in the embed tool like you normally would.  The embed tool will redirect you to your code.

Let me know how it goes.



Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

Hi Joe,

Thanks that's much better and more clear.  I did as you instructed and everything is fine and works as it should for the IPAD now.  So I feel up to speed.

I noticed as others have commented that the auto start function for slideshows is disabled, I'm assuming this is in order to converge properly as mentioned above.   Unless I didn't check the auto start button in my export and it has already been corrected.

Other then that  everything looks good, if I run into anymore problems I will ask again, and I'll keep my eyes open for any future updates.

Thanks again for your help and all the support on this forum!



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Thanks, and I'm glad it helped..

Autostart audio on the iPad isn't possible. This is Apple's restriction, not mine.

Apple has repeatedly modified Mobile Safari's HTML5 audio implementation to require some viewer input (ie touch) before playing the audio.

I had a method that circumvented that restriction on the original iPad OS, but Apple plugged up that method on the last update. They seem fairly determined to prevent auto play audio.



Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

Joe-1. Download and install the 1.9.4 version using the links above.
2. Open your project in Soundslides (or Soundslides Plus)
3. Click the "Template" tab, then click "Shells"
4. Change the shell to "html5_compatible"
5. Test and Export as you normally would.

I did all that. URL is    http://pennstate.scout.com/2/1052519.html

My editor thinks it is because of the way the gallery is embedded. I have no clue what any of this means but what can I do to make this run on an IPAD?


Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

Hi negativeh.

You're using the old plain Flash embed code. Apple won't allow that on the iPad, so you need to use iframe code.

Here's the link where you'll find the code that's iPad compatible:
http://archive.psuplaybook.org/users/Br … ?embedcode

At that page, grab the top code, then change your width and height.



Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

Joe-I'm a little slow on this stuff. Here is another url  http://temple.scout.com/2/1049586.html  for another web site for which I shoot.     Here is the url with the coding   http://admin.scout.com/a.z?s=186&p= … layerName=

what coding goes in here and does it replace everything from href to html     also we size our pictures at 600 px wide and the depth is different for every picture depending on the cropping so what goes in there?    Thanks for your patience.

Harvey Levine


Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

Hi Harvey.

That last slide show wasn't exported with the HTML5 shell, so you'll use the normal embed code.

So here's the proper embed code:

<object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" width="620" height="608" id="soundslider"><param name="movie" value="http://homepage.mac.com/hlphoto1/Sites/richmond2011gallery/soundslider.swf?size=1&format=xml" /><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always" /><param name="quality" value="high" /><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /><param name="menu" value="false" /><param name="bgcolor" value="#660000" /><embed src="http://homepage.mac.com/hlphoto1/Sites/richmond2011gallery/soundslider.swf?size=1&format=xml" quality="high" bgcolor="#660000" width="620" height="608" menu="false" allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" allowFullScreen="true" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed></object>

Also, if you're looking for an easy way to generate your embed code, you can use our online embed tool. It's located here:




Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

Joe-I exported the same show with the HTML5 shell. Now, what would the code be?



Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

Figured it out. Thanks for all your help. Love Soundslides.


Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

I apologize if this question has been answered previously in this thread - I didn't come across it...

I am wondering whether a project needs to be exported in order for it to work on the ipad? 

The reason I ask is - we upload the entire project folder onto our server when we publish a slideshow on our site, rather than uploading the "publish-to-web" folder so we can edit the version that is online if needed.  So typically we don't "export" at all.

We're testing out the html5 compatible shell to see if we can get our projects to work on the ipad, but having some trouble so far and wondered if this might be one reason?

Thanks so much!


Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

I should have included a URL to a test that we are trying.  This slideshow doesn't seem to be showing up on an ipad.  We chose the "HTML5 compatible" shell, but maybe there's another step I missed. 

URL: http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2011/r … index.html




Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

Hi Joe,

Our online designer, Desiree Perry, noticed that the soundslide.txt and soundslide.xml files in the project folder are different than the soundslide.txt and soundslide.xml files in the "publish_to_web" folder.


Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

Hi Ted.

Sorry for the delay. I'm traveling today and I'm away from most of my test iPads.  I should be able to take a look when I get back tomorrow.

You can upload the entire project folder, but you'll need to hit TEST before you upload to make sure that the html files are populated.

Obviously exporting is the recommended method, but you can use the whole project folder if that's better for your workflow.

I pulled up the link here on an iPad emulator, and it plays. What exactly are you seeing when you try to load it on your end?  Does anything load at all? Or is it just an issue with playing or something?



Re: ipad [yes, bloody ipad]

Hi Joe,
You've done a great job on 1.9.4. Well done.
Can you give me some background on the video output plug-in?
How do I register the video plug-in to get more than 6 images?
Why don't the flash transitions work in video?
[I had a play just using the first 6 images and noticed the transitions were clunky like the html5]
thanks for all your work.


john d.