Topic: Bad Pool Header? (regarding Cubase)

I want to the software Cubeace LE5 into my Windows XP Dell. It's for the Zoom H4n digital audio recorder. When I put the cd or dvd into the drive the blue screen comes up and gives me that long error message... it starts off with the Bad Pool Header. How can I fix this so I can install this software? I hope it's compatible with my old computer.


Re: Bad Pool Header? (regarding Cubase)

I'm moving this to the audio forum, since this thread doesn't seem to relate to Soundslides.

Also I'm not sure how many Cubase users are here on our forums, so you might want to try the Cubase forums:



Re: Bad Pool Header? (regarding Cubase)

Review the requirement for Cubase 5.  They're pretty steep and your old Dell probably isn't going to support it.

http://www.steinbergusers.com/cubase/cu … req.php#sx

On the other hand, the files from the Zoom can be nicely edited with a free copy of Audacity.