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Here's a project I enjoyed putting together. I hope you all like it too.

http://niagara-gazette.com/multimedia/x … ain-Street

James Neiss


Re: Hat Lady of Main Street

Wonderful! Beautiful work!

What an interesting person to meet. I love the montage of different hats and she comes across as so friendly.

One of the best uses of the medium I've yet seen...I am inspired to do a soundslide about fashion now

once again: I loved it! Not too long either and good use of music


Re: Hat Lady of Main Street

I liked the idea and you appear to have a good grasp of the program but I do have some constructive criticism,

1. The subject didn't really lend itself to many good shots although initially you would assume the idea would.

2. There wasn't any background noise heard throughout which can really add to the piece, you don't need someone talking at all times and I would avoid music at all times unless it is directly related because it cheapens the product.

3. It is slightly too long, I find one and a half minutes should be long enough, then you will not need to use photographs of a lesser quality, you can use the most interesting audio and thus make people watch the piece to conclusion.

I liked the length of your shots, many people have far too many pictures that come and go too fast.


Re: Hat Lady of Main Street

Thanks for all the great feedback!

I just found out that this won 1st place in the 2009-10 New York Associated Press photo contest in the video/slideshow category.

Jim Neiss


Re: Hat Lady of Main Street

I liked this as well. Thanks for sharing it.

The constructive criticism from earlier was good. However, I did like the music choice. I, too, believe that there's a place for music in these types of pieces. It would have been nice to have more nat sound: sound of the store front door opening and closing; sound of the sewing machine and/or cash register (if they were there).  But she definitely carried the show on her own.