Topic: looping images in still slide show

I noticed after creating a conventional still image slide show, images advanced by hitting the arrows only, that when I reach the end of the image collection I have to click the back arrow to move back through the images.

Is there a way to loop the images back to the beginning by by hitting the forward arrow, rather than having to hit the back arrow?


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Re: looping images in still slide show

Hi shutter_se7en.

There's a "Loop slide show" check-box under the Template settings, which should do exactly what you're looking for with non-audio slide shows.

That option was added in the Soundslides Plus 1.9.3 update (released last month), so make sure you've got the latest version installed.  1.9.3 was a free update for all registered users. Here are the downloads:

http://store.soundslides.com/apps/downl … usWindows/

Mac OS X: