Topic: Individual slides/individual audio

I'm a Flash novice (unfortunately) but have used the component successfully a few times for work at our paper.

One of our photographers made a slideshow with 10 portraits of individuals. She also has 10 individual mp3's of each person.

Is it possible, using the component, to click through the individual images, and have the audio for each portrait play while that image is up?

I know I could combine all of the audio into one mp3 file, and have the slideshow run but just cannot figure out how to get the specific audio for each image to play with the image on clickthrough.



Re: Individual slides/individual audio

Hi photoed.

I've wanted to eventually add that kind "one-slide one-clip" option, but it's just not possible at this time with either the standard player or the component.

Combining the audio files into a single MP3 is the only way that I know of for accomplishing that presentation in Soundslides.



Re: Individual slides/individual audio

It would be a little convoluted, but you could just build 10 separate 'one picture' slideshows. Then build a menu page on the first frame that linked to each one. Set up each show to return to the menu page when it finished. Users could then select a different show to watch/listen to.

I think that would accomplish what you want?