Topic: Loading my own generated XML

Hi, i want to load my own XML file to SS tis possible? I need this because i am use a CMS that can generate XML on the fly

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Re: Loading my own generated XML

No, the SWF file just isn't designed to have all of the xml data modified externally.

If you're just editing the "text nodes" of an existing slide show's xml (eg. changing a caption, credit or headline) via your CMS, then that may work. If you're changing or creating new timings, it will not work because that changes the loading calculations.

If you're looking for a slide show player that uses completely dynamic external XML feeds, then I would try the SlideShowPro player



Re: Loading my own generated XML

Thank you for the answer, i need to change only the Caption and the image to show, but i have the images in my own folder.

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Re: Loading my own generated XML

Changing the "file" node and "caption" node should be fine.

As long as you don't change the number of images (which would alter the timings), it will work.