Topic: resizing images with component

We have hundreds of slideshows on our site and management has decided that we need to monetize those so I have been tasked with shrinking the slideshow display so an ad can fit next to it. (#$%@#!)

I am using the component to display these.  Going back and resizing all of the photos in past slideshows isn't an option.

So, is there a way I can shrink the component and have the slideshow shrink with it. (without resizing all the photos).

I tried wrapping the component in a movie clip and shrink that. Didn't work.  THoughts?



Re: resizing images with component

Hey Dave. 

There are two root variables that will control the size dynamically. 


Give those a shot (with a recent version of the component) and let me know if that works.  If not, we'll find another option.



Re: resizing images with component

Honestly, the support of this project is LEGENDARY.  Worked like a charm, thanks