Topic: Template, disappearing sound problem

Multiple users running Soundslides on different computers (Windows):

We have a "master template" file that was created with ver 1.9.2 (898).

If a user with an older program version -- e.g. 1.9.1 (878) -- loads this template, the sound track simply disappears, and must be imported again. And worse: all adjustments in the timeline are also gone.

Yes - we could make sure everyone is running the same version, but in real life that's easier said than done.

I assume this is a fixable bug/annoyance?



Re: Template, disappearing sound problem

Hi Jarle.

I haven't had a report of this problem.  Can you send me the template as a zip file?


If the template is too big for email, let me know and I'll send you our FTP login info.


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Re: Template, disappearing sound problem

Hi Joe,

By "template", I'm referring to the single xml file created when clicking "Save settings". I've mailed you the zipped file, as requested.



Re: Template, disappearing sound problem

Hi Jarle.

I found the problem.  Your original settings xml file was saved from a slide show without audio, so it contains the instruction for "slide_only" ... so when the slide show is re-opened in 1.9.1 or earlier, there's no audio loaded.

You can prevent this potential issue by changing your settings xml file.  Just remove the line that reads:


(I've emailed you a new xml file based on your existing file)

We made changes in 1.9.2 to prevent the audio file from being changed by the loaded settings, so upgrading will also correct the issue. 

Let me know that clears it up on your end.



Re: Template, disappearing sound problem

Thanks Joe.

All ok.