Topic: Adding Border and Centering in Wordpress

Hi everyone.

I love soundslides. I've successfully embeded my slideshow into my wordpress blog. Is there a way to have it centered in the post? Right now it shows up aligned left.

Also, is it possible to add a black border?

Thanks in advance.



Re: Adding Border and Centering in Wordpress

Hi Eric.

You should be able to center your slide show by placing the "center" tag around your embed code.

... your existing object/embed code ...

As for the black border, do you mean around the image, or around the enter slide show?


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Re: Adding Border and Centering in Wordpress

Hi Joe,

Thank you so much for the tags. I am teaching myself html and CSS so this is very helpful. thanks again.

I would like the border around the entire slideshow. In a perfect world, I would also like to offset, or pad, it out from the actual slideshow, so that it's not flush with slideshow. (I imagine that might happen, particularly at the bottom where the menu controls are).

But I'd settle with learning how to just do the border.

You can see the current placement and look here...


Thanks again!



Re: Adding Border and Centering in Wordpress

Hey Eric.

You'll definitely want to use CSS, probably put a <DIV> around the Flash file, then add the padding and use a border attribute.

Unfortunately, CSS isn't my strong suit, so I think my suggestions would be pretty rough and incomplete.  Sorry.