Topic: Slide shows not working on Live Server

Hey Joe,

I created two audio slide shows on Mac OSX and the slide shows are being placed on the server using a PC.  They look fine when I test them from the publish to web folder on my computer as well as on the PC's.  The first slide show stops at the 8th image, says it's buffering and does not finish.  We tried looking at the images to see if they are corrupt and the html.   Here is the url:


The second slideshow, does not even begin to play.  There is no play button and only the first image appears.  Here is the url:


Your help( or anyone else who may know) would be much appreciated smile
Thanks so much!


Re: Slide shows not working on Live Server

Just so we don't have two threads open on this issue, I'm closing this one and redirecting to the other one.