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Hi there,

I am looking for a Digital voice recorder to use when interviewing my subjects while on assignment.Not to expensive but I still want quality.
I am new to soundslides and multimedia in general so advice is appreciated.



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A search on this forum for "digital recorder" yields plenty of advice. I like my Zoom H2 for voice recordings and it's under $ 200.



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Take a look (listen) at the Olympus DS-30. It is a very solidly built, lightweight unit with a metal case that produces excellent voice recordings. Did I say "excellent?" Yes! The built-in removable mic gives very accurate voice renderings. You can use an external mic if you choose. I have plugged in a lavalier mic and used it for critical interviews with great results. Sound files can be dragged and dropped to your computer with no hassle. The DS-30 has much of the design quality of the much more expensive, and very popular Olympus LS-10. It can be found for under $100 at several online vendors. Just do a google search for "olympus ds-30." I keep one in my gear bag to use as a back-up to my more expensive recorders. Just keep in mind that it uses a compressed format so don't expect to get great recordings of classical music or quiet natural ambiences. For a voice recorder it is hard to beat for the price.


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Lightstalker: It would be useful if you indicated your budget. For example, the Zoom H2 is probably hands-down the best option in the $150-200 price range. But it's certainly not the best choice period. So, if you had a budget of $500 then I could recommend a much better solution than the Zoom H2. On the other hand, if you only have $100 to spend then that leads down another path.

You say you want "quality" but it's ambiguous what you really mean by that. If you want a professional level setup then you're looking at more than $500, but perhaps less than $1,000.


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Be wary of "voice" recorders if you're really interested in producing audio slideshows with more than simple narration.

Voice recorders are made for recording voices at close range, and after experimenting, I've found that they are poor at recording ambient sounds or music, or even voices from farther away than a couple of feet. Sonically, voices are limited in their frequency range and dynamic range, so these recorders can get away with recording at limited frequency ranges and low bit rates -- if they are used for what they were meant for -- dictation and transcribing.

If you want good nat sounds and music recordings at live events, you need a device capable of reproducing a much wider range of sound.

If your serious about telling stories with multimedia, I think sound needs as much consideration as images -- the two work together, just as words and pictures work together to tell a larger story. If newsroom managers or bean counters balk at spending a little extra on a decent quality recording device, ask why you would spend thousands of dollars on camera equipment to make high quality images and not spend $200 to make decent quality audio? Web site visitors will tolerate poor quality for only so long. They will become technically savvy, too, and won't sit through a slide show with crappy audio.

The H2 is a good starting point. Google "portable digital recorders" and you will get an idea of what's out there, what the different features are and which ones are important for journalists.

Try this web page for a little more info: http://www.transom.org/tools/recording_ … r_reviews/


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Also check out this guide:

http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/find/news … -Guide.jsp

...and this site:


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I have been in the market for a digital voice recorder and had settled on the Olympus WS-200s, but according to Olympus it is not Macintosh-compatible. I am curious how incompatible the WS-200S is with Macintoshes. ...