Topic: Noise when changing the format in voice recording

Hi, greeetings to everybody, I'm needing to get a sample of voice recorded but with low level format, by default Sound Recorders (Sony Sound Forge and Windows Sound recorder) use 44Khz, Stereo and 16 bits rate, but I need samples with 11Khz, 8 bits and mono.

When I make the record with this parameters, there's a cracking noise along with the voice when I play. Then  I tried also recording the voice withthe default config (44Khz, 16 bit and stereo) and then I change the format of the sample and again there's the cracking noise along with the voice.

I tried also with disabling the speakers in the volume control and other options but I still get the noise. So I'm coming to the conclusion that you can't record clean voice in low level formats (11Khz, 8 bit, mono for example). But maybe there's something that I don't know.

Can you help me with this please ??



Re: Noise when changing the format in voice recording

At 11khz - 8bit, there's very little sampling data available.  I don't think you can cleanly record voice at those settings, but you should be able to convert a clean 44.1Khz recording to that format if you apply enough compression.  It won't sound great, but it shouldn't introduce a lot of noise.

Try recording at 44.1, 16bit, then using a compressor in your audio editor to compress the voice to the mid-range, THEN convert to 11khz - 8bit.

If that doesn't work, then I don't know what to suggest.  A more dedicated audio mixing forum would probably be able to help.

(I'm assuming this question isn't related to Soundslides, as our application requires 16 bit audio files.)