Topic: LS-10, H2, others to consider

Hello, new hear and first post after reading some interesting information. I play acoustic guitar. I would like to hear what I sound like at home....I have looked at a few recorders, saw the Tascam quickly, and the Edirol, the Boss (more for electric guitars that can plug in)... I just want to hear what I sound like and have a high quality unit that I can take with me if the situation ever dictates....I found a pretty good price on line for the LS-10, about $270, so about $100 more then the H2. Wondering if for my uses if I would be considering any others and which would be best? I do like the feel of a metal case but that will not be where I make the final decision.



Re: LS-10, H2, others to consider

The Zoom H2 will work very well for acoustic guitar, if that's all you plan to record.

Obviously, the metal construction and smaller size of the LS-10 are nice features.   Worth the upgrade. 

But if you are only planning to set this up at home, the Zoom can be easily put on a mic stand with a mic clip on it (it has a plastic 'handle' that will work nicely and screws into the 1/4" thread mount.)  The Zoom's internal mics are very adequate for this kind of work.

Hope that helps!


Re: LS-10, H2, others to consider

Thanks for your reply. I was able to fine the LS-10 for a very good price, just $80 more than the H2 and brought it in for a trial and am very pleased with the sound, contsruction and feel as well as the size.