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Topic: Full frame Caption alignment

Hi all,
I am trying to get the captions to line up with the edge of the images. It is fine when framed, but when looking at it in full screen I get a rather nasty mis-alignment. Have a look here:


Is there any way to make all three (image, captions, navigation bar) the same width? when in full screen?! If not, please put this on the wish list.

Lastly is there a way to specify the size of the images when in full screen? (I am sure there is... smile



Re: Full frame Caption alignment

I looked at the linked show, but there are no captions at all, so I couldn't see the problem you're talking about.

As for the size of the images in full-screen mode, I am not aware of a setting to specify it, but Joe has said that SoundSlides will not enlarge the image beyond its original size. So if you want full screen to be no larger than, say, 800 px wide, just make sure the images in your RAW folder are 800 px wide. You should test this out beforehand to make sure it's working as expected.



Re: Full frame Caption alignment

Hi timesnaps ... I'll investigate the caption issue, I wasn't aware of a problem but I'll check it out.

As for the increasing the fullscreen image dimensions, there's actually something brand new in 1.9.1 that allows you adjust that size.  I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but it is in the release.

First, download Soundslides Plus 1.9.1:

http://store.soundslides.com/apps/downl … usWindows/

Mac OS X:

Then you'll need to enable two Advanced parameters then re-output your project.

Here's how.

1. Go to advanced parameters (Modify > Advanced parameters), then click ADD and add the two parameters below.



Don't go nuts with these sizes.  I personally think 1280 wide by 900 high is pretty much my personal limit.  Beyond that, and you're pushing the Flash Player on your audience's computer.  Also, your source image files will need to be at least as large as your new max fullscreen size.

2. Then, go to Output sizes (Modify > Output Sizes), and click "Apply"

3. That's it, hit TEST and check out big fullscreen.



Re: Full frame Caption alignment

Thanks for the information Joe. I will download the new version (do I need to re-register this update somehow?). I have changed the link, hence it did not work. Now updated: http://users.wmin.ac.uk/~geibelo/as08/Marco.html

It sleekness of the interface would really benefit from a makeover/re-allignment of the captions and navigation bar in full screen. Have a look at the link above to see what I mean.

Many Thanks


Re: Full frame Caption alignment

timesnaps wrote:

do I need to re-register this update somehow?

No.  The update should read your computer's existing registration information.

timesnaps wrote:

Have a look at the link above to see what I mean.

It was not designed in the manner in which it is displaying in your slide show, so I will have to investigate and fix that problem.

The caption was intended be the full width of the navigation bar ...

I will update this thread when I have a correction.



Re: Full frame Caption alignment

joeweiss wrote:

The caption was intended be the full width of the navigation bar ...

Thats what I am after, thanks. If I can make the full screen view to actually match the full screen of the PC (1024x786) and have the navigation bar full screen (full width) then I hope to have the captions full width too.

Problem is we have a show opening tomorrow eve and I was hoping to use Soundslides to project the images full screen with nicely aligned captions tomorrow.


Re: Full frame Caption alignment

I've corrected the issue.  You can see an example of the correction here:
http://media.soundslides.com/files/fs_f … index.html

In the example above, I've also set "fullscreen_nav_width" to 1000 so that the captions, navigation and image width are all the same width.

To correct your slide show, download this file:
http://media.soundslides.com/release/88 … er.swf.zip

Then unzip the file, and copy the new "soundslider.swf" file into your "publish_to_web" folders.  You'll likely need to clear your browser's cache in order to load the new file. 

I'll include this fix in the next minor update release.