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I am new to this as I have just purchased a new Olympus voice recorder and convert files on easywma.

Now, how do I remove all the background noise as to hear the speech clearly?

I am on a mac btw.

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Re: Software for audio editing

You can use Garage Band that's already on your Mac, or try Audacity audacity.sourceforge.net, a popular free audio editing program. I use the latter, and its noise reduction filter is reasonably good for constant noise if you have a few seconds of "noise only" audio for it to profile.

That said, noise control is best achieved at the time of the recording by using good technique: do interviews in a quiet place, hold the mic close, use a directional/shotgun mic if you can, and record at the highest quality level on your recorder. No after-the-fact processing I am familiar with do as much to improve sound quality as good technique does.

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Re: Software for audio editing

Kevin has made the most important point: being very careful about how your record originally. The Olympus voice recorders all have limitations in terms of sound quality, but you can maximize that limited quality by being in a quiet place, mic close to subject, and have the recorder settings in Olympus to highest quality (their "conference" mode is quite bad).

If the background noise is something entirely consistent (e.g. a hum from a refrigerator) then there are tools that can help (e.g. SoundSoap). But if the noise is inconsistent (different people talking in the background) then you are very limited in what you can do.

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Re: Software for audio editing

I have used Levelator, a free sound-leveling tool, very briefly. For Mac, Windows or Linux users it is simple (drop & drag) to use. This DOESN'T replace Kevin's admonition to record at the highest quality. 

Combined with Audacity or Garage Band you can with Levelator have most of your software covered.