Topic: "Update Image" -- strange behavior

I recently ran across a problem with the "Update Image" button. I thought its purpose was to replace a current image in the slideshow with a different image. Instead, what seems to happen is that (a) no change occurs (i.e., the old image remains in the slideshow, even after doing 'test', 'save', and/or 'export'; (b) the original image is deleted from the "raw" folder but the new image is not copied into it (i.e., there is now one fewer image in the "raw" folder than there was before). The latter result occurs if the images are reprocessed upon doing Modify -> Output Sizes -> Apply. The exported slideshow won't proceed beyond the updated image since it's now missing from the images folder(s).

OS X 10.5.4
SSP 1.9 (r804)

The details:
I made a test case to reproduce the issue:
1. Copy 5 images into a "testphotos" folder
2. Launch SS/SSP to create a new project.
3. Point SS to the "testphotos" folder.
4. In my example, I did a JPG-only project (no audio).
5. After the JPGs are ingested, add a sixth image to the "testphotos" folder
6. In SS, select image #3 and press "Update Image" under "Slide Info."
7. Navigate to "testphotos" and select the new (sixth) image.
8. My result is that the old 3rd image remains in the application, and any 'test' or 'export' produces a slideshow with the original 3rd image.
9. Click Modify -> Output Sizes -> (change the setting, in my case from "standard" to "large") and hit "apply". This forces SS to "reprocess" the images.
10. My result: the original 3rd image still shows up in the application, but only four total images are now in the "raw" folder, and only four images are in the "custom" folder used for "large"-size projects. Upon 'test' or 'export' the slideshow shows a total of 5 images, but fails to advance past the 2nd image. This is because image #3 (the one that was 'updated') is missing from the publish_to_web/custom folder, where the images reside.

If more detail is needed to figure this out, let me know. Thanks for looking into it.



Re: "Update Image" -- strange behavior

kevinw wrote:

If more detail is needed to figure this out, let me know.

Wow, I wish all reports were as detailed as this one.  I got the exact same result as you.  I'll figure out what's wrong and get a fix out.

It appears the only workaround is to immediately update the image again if you see the wrong image import.  The bug appears to only affect the first image updated.

Thanks again Kevin.



Re: "Update Image" -- strange behavior

I hadn't even explored what happens if I click on it a second time. Good to know of the workaround in the meantime.

Take care,



Re: "Update Image" -- strange behavior

Hey Kevin.

I've pushed out a fix for this bug.  If you get a chance, see if 1.9 (830) fixes the issue on your Mac.




Re: "Update Image" -- strange behavior

Hi Joe,

r830 works on my Mac.

One thing to note -- and I suppose this is expected behavior -- after the "Update Image" takes place, the new picture is saved with the filename of the original image in the "raw" and other folders ("custom", "thumbs," "fullscreen" ...etc.). It overwrites the existing file rather than swapping out one image for another. It is an irreversible change.

Since I gather this is how it was originally designed, consider it a low-priority feature request to revamp this functionality.

Thanks again for the help,