Topic: Longstanding size bug

I THINK? this is a bug... not sure, but it has been around since forever...

Whenever I go to create a new slideshow it loads my "preset" template (which has the image sizes defined as 800x533), and if I choose my image folder and select a custom size, it will ALWAYS create the images at the size defined by the preset template and ignore the custom size I enter.

So you go through the process, and have to regenerate the images once you are in the main interface.

Could this be related to the full-screen size bug from my previous thread?



Re: Longstanding size bug

The "preset" shell is designed to take precedence over the initial import completely, but I can see where this would not always be desired.

thanks again ... I'll put it on the fix list for 1.9.1.



Re: Longstanding size bug

Thanks for your responsiveness Joe... and keep up the good work.