Topic: Exception Processing Message c0000013

I get a dialog box while starting Beta 1.9, 782 ... (previous beta also).

   Windows - No Disk

   Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf9c 75b6bf9c 75b6bf9c

I press continue a couple of times (4 times same box pop's up), SS+ gets over it, and I can work ...

Weird ...

Seems to be related to the fact that he cannot locate some older projects (which I archived) ...
and the drive letter is taken by a CF card reader now ...

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Re: Exception Processing Message c0000013

Hi Guy.

Thanks for reporting this ...

I'd like to test to see if the problem is resolved when those recent projects are cleared.  Can you try this please?

1) Open Soundslides Plus (you'll likely need to continue through those dialogs)
2) Select "Clear recent menu" from the "File" menu
3) Restart Soundslides Plus and see if the error is present



Re: Exception Processing Message c0000013

Hi Joe,

well ... started up SS+, and did not get the messages anymore today (PC goes shutdown and power off at night) :-((
E: is still the empty CF card reader ...

The good project was also displayed incorrectly now (no thumbnail ... just question mark), although clicking on it did open it fine ...

Close and open again, and now the thumbnail is visible ...

I cleared the menu ... will copy a project on a CF card, remove it, and retry ... see if it comes back ...

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Re: Exception Processing Message c0000013

OK Joe, I could re-create ... copied a project on a CF card (god, that takes a long time ;-),
Opened it, changed a bit, saved. Closed SS+

Did this a couple of times ...

Then removed CF card from reader. It's USB, so drive letter stays known to Windows ...

Started SS+ again, and now got 1 of the strange error messages ...

Did your clear-thing, and that solved it ...

Another test : I removed the CF card reader, so E: drive is totally gone ... he just displays a question mark, no strange errors ... Clicking on it, he asks me to locate it myself ... so that's OK.

Another test : renamed the project on E:, that went fine also ... (question mark, no strange errors, ...)

Then a last one (and now it gets crazy again) : removed CF card again ... started SS+, and now he kindly said : no disk in drive ... no strange errors ... time for something on the rocks I think (it's 8pm here now).

Hope this helps ... a bit ...

Another strange thing : sometimes the SoundSlides Plus.exe process remains in Windows after close ... I just had this now, starting from a clean situation ... I've already seen 2 or 3 of those processes hanging around ... Can't find any logic behind it (when does it happen, when not ...).

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Re: Exception Processing Message c0000013

Thanks Guy, this helps A LOT. 

I'll dig into the problem.

Enjoy your drink ...