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I saw what looked like an SS presentation last night concerning Roberta Gambarini, the singer. It was on some sort YouTube site. It had some features that caught my eye. One was a slow closeup of a still, like Ken Burns type effect. Another was a pan vertically up a deep slide that wouldn't fit in the horizontal hole on SS. There were also some swift, tight cuts that I didn't recognize. All of this while the frames opened and closed in the customary way. Can these things be done in Soundslides Plus? Where would I find the instructions?


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Can you post a link to the YouTube video, so I can check out what you're talking about?

It might be possible.



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Well, Joe, that's the problem. I can't find it again. I'll keep looking, but I just wondered if there are some Soundslides features I haven't seen, or a program that has some way of working on the scans before they go into SS.


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The closest thing we have is image movement (in Soundslides Plus under the "Slide info" tab).

http://www2.soundslides.com/support/ind … &id=48

You can pan vertically up an image for instance, but I get the impression that what you're describing was more involved than a simple pan.