Topic: Which way to post SS?

Hi Joe, I'm a "Truth with a Camera" participant coming back to haunt you nearly a year later. I've got a few questions you may be able to help with.

At first glance, my questions may not seem related to SS, but they are. Soundslides is an awesome application and it looks great too.  I'm wanting to build a website that looks great, while offering all of our "pretty" SS audio slidesshows to our viewers.

I'm about to build a website for our photo department.  Initially I volunteered to do this, because it would give we photogs tons of control over photojournalism content and design.  My first thought was to use iWeb because the templates, pages etc.... are great.  The ease of building the site and maintaining it would be nice since it's so intuitive - perfect for visual folks who don't know much about html code etc...  Our photo galleries and SS audio slideshows are a great fit with iWeb too (using blog themes). 

However, using a .Mac account for hosting is out of the question because of limited monthly file transfer rates.  We could use iWeb to design the pages and host it elsewhere, but the "Add Comments" feature is inoperable when hosting iWeb other than with .Mac  I guess there are ways to have our IT guys fix that issue when we post the iWeb pages with the hosting site our newspaper's website is on, but I can't help but wonder if I'm going down a dead end road with considering using iWeb to build our pages in the first place.  Any thoughts on that?

Can you recommend some intuitive, easy to use, proven-reliable, applications ideal for designing photo/blogs?  I've been seeing a lot of wordpress being used for this sort of thing.  What do you think?  Got some names you could throw out?  Also, I'm looking for some reliable web-hosting companies offering up to 200-300GB of space and 2,000-3,000 transfer rates.   

Thanks for any help you can offer - If anyone else out there has any ideas please feel free to tell me about it.  -  Steve Bohnstedt


Re: Which way to post SS?

Hey Steve.

I would go with a Wordpress blog, though I think you'll need to learn some CSS code or have a web designer help out altering a template for your site.  I think http://www.heraldleaderphoto.com is a good model for a photo department's wordpress-driven site.  I can get you a contact there if you want to quiz those folks.

As far as hosts, I would recommend Media Temple or any of the other officially recommended hosts listed on wordpress.org.  They usually have simple one-click setup installers for wordpress. 

Stay away from the cheapest of the bunch though.  I think you'll be alright planning for a $20 a month level of hosting ...



Re: Which way to post SS?

Thanks for the info, Joe - I'll take you up on the contact person you mentioned just in case I start pulling my hair out for whatever (yet to be determined) reason.  You can send it to:  brooms25@yahoo.com  Thanks again - Steve B.