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New model. Just got one. $400.  Metal shell rather than plastic ( Vs R-09), nearly insensitive to handling noise. Looks like a Zoom Handy, smaller. 2G flash memory plus card slot. Built in tripod screw. 2 AA. Good fixed mikes (with wind screens). Auto or MANUAL level control, meaningful level indicators. "Zoom" feature works very well, combines mikes to monaural so they reach out a lot further...articulate and accurate at 30' and probably further...not shotgun, almost. 

It doesn't distort or waver, acoustic guitar sounds CD-quality, no hiss...I can't compare directly to R-09 or Zoom...almost bought an R-09 when this was introduced.

Hope it's OK to post this..I'm no expert, just want to contribute...


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Thanks for the info ... looks like the controls are laid out nicely as well.


Have you had a chance to try it with an external mic?



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Sony DS-70P mike (mini "T" shape type) on a cable works great, also makes a big audio difference for my Olympus DS-30 "Voice Recorder" ... reduces handling noise (not a big issue with Olympus anyway), less intimidating than sticking fancy recording device in somebody's face :-) 

Sony DS-70P FOLDS at the waist (!) elevating the capsules from a table top or other surface on which it stands freely...for hand-held it doesn't need a handle (no handling noise), but it's tiny. I got mine for 1/3 price as a refurb via Amazon.  http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/sto … ;langId=-1

LS-10 seems the premier (or only) music-quality recorder in Olympus's current lineup...

DS-30 is operationally simpler, smaller, has same bullet-proof build quality...very good for voice, distorts music mainly because it lacks LS-10's manual level control (recording "volume")...DS-30 is high end office product, sold by big box stores. Good experience with DS-30 and consistent reviewer criticism of R-09 build quality and Zoom functionality (and fact that Oly just uses 2 AAA batteries) convinced me to roll the dice with Oly.


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....LS-10 comes with foam wind-screens...I need to order spares because I'll surely lose them. LC-10 case is handsome but 25% too small to be useful.


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For those interested in the Olympus, we'll have a bunch of them to test at the Northern Shortcourse next week in Rochester, N.Y.  www.northernshortcourse.com

On Friday of the workshop we'll be doing a shootout. Teams will photograph and gather sound and create Soundslides shows. Olympus is lending us 10-12 of their new recorders. If you're at the shortcourse and want to handle one of the recorders, just track me down.