Topic: Drupal modules for soundslide ?

Have anyone made a module for the drupal, to make SS on using drupal ?

I would like to use soundslides as part of a story.


Re: Drupal modules for soundslide ?

I don't know of a module, but I am embedding soundslides into pages that use Drupal CMS. I'm sorry I'm not more help. I think it would be great if a simple module was created...same thing for any other CMS/Blog type software (Wordpress, etc.).


Re: Drupal modules for soundslide ?

I don't know of a module, but the embed utility will generate the embed/object code needed for publishing in your pages ... so long as you're able to enter HTML code in your text area.

Here's the tool:



Re: Drupal modules for soundslide ?

OK I found a way to embed the swf on drupal, but it would be nice to improve the solution so I can upload
and after this get the code like http://www2.soundslides.com/apps/utilities/ embed utility will generate
and put the code it the database or a file without going the http://www2.soundslides.com/apps/utilities/
But what does http://www2.soundslides.com/apps/utilities/ do ?


Re: Drupal modules for soundslide ?

All the utility does is add the "path to your slide show" to the front of the SWF location in the embed/object code.  You can do this on your own if you're comfortable with editing HTML.

Here's the manual instructions:

1) Upload the publish_to_web files to a web server.

1) Copy the <object> tag from your publish_to_web's "index.html" page into a text editor

2) Change the path of the SWF to match the path to the your server.

So if your soundslides project is at "http://example.com/slideshow/" ... you'll need to change the <object> tags paths to "http://example.com/slideshow/soundslider.swf?..."

You should see "soundslider.swf?..." in two locations in the <object> code.  You'll need to change both locations.

3) Copy the new code into drupal



Re: Drupal modules for soundslide ?

There is a new Soundslides module for Drupal in Beta here:


Please post any feedback on drupal.org as Soundslides is not directly maintaining the codebase.