Topic: Change timeduration in one click?

I can´t find a function in soundslides that helps me to edit the timeduration of all pictures at the same time. Now the timeduration will fit itself to how long time the mp3 file plays. Let´s say that I have a song that lasts for 4 minutes and 50 pictures I want to show in this soundslide, that means every picture will show for 4,8 seconds, and thats way to long time. Now I have to use audacity to cut my song down to fit with the amount of pictures, why cant I do just like in iphoto, select all pictures and choose duration to 2sec? And when the pictures finished I want the song to fade out automatically. Is this possible?


Re: Change timeduration in one click?

That's not possible at this time.

Soundslides was originally designed to time the images to specific points in the audio, rather than having each image be the same duration.  I'm exploring other timing methods similar to what you're requesting, but these alternate methods are not available in the latest release.



Re: Change timeduration in one click?

ok thanks!


Re: Change timeduration in one click?

Maybe this is the same question but let me post it anyway. The feature my photogs would love to see is the ability to select a number of images within the slide show and adjust their lengths collectively. In other words you have 6 images of a tumbler and you want the images to be the same exact length. This feature would be the same as the current function which allows you to distribute all of the images in the show evenly only you would be working with a small section of the audioslideshow. Thanks, Todd


Re: Change timeduration in one click?

Ditto on all of the above.  Being able to select multiple slides (contiguously and non-contiguously) and setting their display interval all at once would be a great timesaver.  This will probably require the ability to have slideshows of arbitrary length, and not tied to the length of the audio track.


Re: Change timeduration in one click?

Yep, dito that too... sounds like the way forward. Thanks